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TV shows and closure

“Person of Interest” is done and once again I’m thinking that it’s actually a great thing when tv shows just end.
There is always so much story to tell, but so often over time writers start to loose any focus. While there are always exceptions, a lot of the shows who where canceled and where allowed to finish telling their story, I love to watch them and actually see the characters off instead of left hanging or abandoning ship.

It can go terribly wrong, see Warehouse 13 where season 5 and the writers’ attempt in wrapping up everything positively destroyed almost all characters and made a total mess. For me it ends with season 4, anything else is just too painful.
There is also Battlestar Galactica, I’m still very bitter and should have known better since Ronald Moore also completely botched DS9.

Good examples are Fringe, Nikita, Person of Interest
Fringe had a weird but special last season that tied up many loose endings and gave us tons of beautiful moments, Nikita ended its run with a bang, I mean, those six episodes, they where just running and running and it was an exciting thing to watch and follow.
Person of Interest used those 13 episodes to bring everything to a fitting conclusion and I actually love that it came to an end. It was the last show I wanted to watch just flicker out and die a miserable death.
I’m still not sure about Penny Dreadful but I admire the decision itself and can’t wait to rewatch everything.

There is nothing wrong with something actually ending and I’m always amazed how it’s always a bad thing with a lot of fans. Yes, no more episodes, no more stories, but now you can sit back, watch it all from beginning to end in all its glory.

It’s not Farscape, you were not ripped out of the story by the worst cliffhanger in the history of tv, it’s thankfully not NCIS where the departure of Cote de Pablo was my wakeup call to leave as well. Some shows go on and on and you realize that they’ve become some pityful zombie going through all the motions but without any heart and soul.
Some shows might have stories for another season or two, I’m pretty sure Person of Interest (Fringe, Nikita,...) would’ve been great for some more time...or would it really? We’ll never know and I’ll remain happy that there is one more show that got a proper ending that allowed me to say a final goodbye, until the next marathon.


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