Kinja is giving me the unhealthy back end every time I try to click your posts (hence this poop gif), so I thought I'd write a post instead!

You guys I watch a lot of TV, and I've found TV to be a very excellent indicator of how well I'll get along with people.


Shows with a smaller audience, particularly comedy, are almost always a reliable way to tell if I'll like someone. I started a new job this year, and have had to make a lot of new friends, and now we all kind of swap shows, and we all watch Parks and Rec and Mindy Project and a bunch of other stuff together and we like the same things and laugh at the same things. Because of the success with friendships, I'm beginning to use TV as a kind of threshold test for dating people. Like... if they don't like Arrested Development, I'm much less interested in them than I might otherwise have been.

Am I being silly and potentially not giving people a chance who might otherwise be great for me, or am I being really smart and not wasting time on people who won't share my sense of humour/life philosophy. Just FYI almost all the tenets of my life philosophy are derived from Veep.

I guess my point is - tell me all about you and TV and your friends and you and TV and your emotional lives!