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tw: child abuse

Ugh, today was a rough one. Sometimes I deal with abused children at my job as a big branch of our work is with Child Protective Services and it is so hard not to bring it home, not to break down in front of co workers and patients and today it was just extra hard. I've only cried at work one other time and that was helping a 9 year old rape victim. Today I cried again after dealing with a 7 m/o old boy who Mom dropped off at Grandma's house while she was at work. Mom had child care but didn't get enough hours at her fast food job to maintain her assistance. So with nowhere else to take baby she opted for Grandma's house who also had a 16 y/o girl with behavioral problems living there. Grandma was watching the other children when the 16 y/o took the baby to the bathroom sink trying to give him a bath. She used scalding water and baby ended up with burns all over his legs, abdomen and butt. Apparently Grandma heard the baby scream but Mom wasn't made aware of the incident until she tried to change his diaper and saw all the blisters. She is in danger of losing custody according to her tearful call today. She also lost her job because she had to take time off to care for her baby who was admitted to the burn unit.

Later, unrelated to my work, I find out through the grapevine that a friend of a friend, whose baby was shaken while with a babysitter, is finally seeing justice brought against her abuser. It isn't for what she did to her child but for strangling another little girl she was caring for leaving her with hemorrhages in her eyes. How this woman was allowed to continue babysitting children is beyond me. I can't even imagine how frustrating it had to be for the parents to know exactly who abused their child but not see justice. They've raised awareness through a campaingn though and are still fighting for justice.


I came home and vented to my husband for a while. He really wants me to stay at home after I have this baby in my belly but I've been ambivalent for a few reasons. Without getting too much into it me nor my husband were raised in very stable homes and our parents were never home after school. Due to that and other factors, it was always important to me to be able to be home with my baby if at all possible. I think we might struggle to make ends meet if I don't return to work but my husband seems to think we can make it work and any sacrifices we make will be worth it. He is probably right. Though I still haven't decided what I will do post leave. Anyway, just wanted to come here to vent.

Here is a link to Lola's families story.


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