First of all you guys, my phone was being bizarro and I could access every single thing on Kinja EXCEPT GT. I thought it had disappeared or been deactivated! And it was a rough, rough few minutes until I decided to power my phone off and back on in case the browser was just being stupid. Which it was.

So my dad passed away earlier this year. Long story short, we had him cremated at the time and decided to have the service later because some folks were out of the country and others didn’t feel safe driving in the fucktons of snow to the remote-ish location of the family plot.

Well it’s May and we still don’t have a date for his funeral. We had an informal service at the time. I’ve been emailing the 3 closest family members trying to get consensus on a date. I set up an online scheduling poll and only 2 of them answered it and there were no “good” times. I redid the poll with added options and relaunched it, and everyone is all I’m SO BUSY this summer Blah blah vacation Blah. I feel like this is really disrespectful towards my dad, and I’m also just fucking about to lose it. I just emailed them that I’m happy to have the funeral by myself if no-one else can be bothered to come. Which was just me being snippy because I’m angry but for Christ’s fucking sake. Can we please just have my dad’s funeral now please!