The statistics on the increase in domestic abuse in England directly after national team games in the World Cup are frightening: 26% after a win, 38% after a loss, suggested by a study by the University of Lancashire.*

However, for once, the official response to these findings appears to be focused principally on preventing perpetrators of domestic violence from abusing, rather than giving victim-blaming advice to potential victims. Police will be issuing warnings to "high-risk and high-frequency" offenders. Billboards in Lancashire will warn potential offenders to "Leave the striking to the players."

There will still be bus shelter posters advising victims and witnesses to "Blow the whistle on domestic abuse." I haven't seen this poster but I hope it will provide further information from an experienced domestic abuse charity.

It isn't necessarily perfect. But overall, I feel this is a massive improvement on previous responses to domestic abuse. Finally, someone is focusing on telling abusers not to abuse rather than giving victims, or potential victims, blame-laden and largely ineffective advice on how not to be abused.

* I've read the study and it seems to check out but I am not an expert in statistics or social sciences. If anyone has any criticism of the paper, I'd genuinely be really interested to know. I've linked the full text from the University's website but the paper was published in the Journal of Research in Crime and Delinquency.