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TW for suicide

I had a really nice weekend - some friends from college came to NYC (we went to college on the west coast- studying one of the arts), and we hung out with another alum NYCer. I haven’t seen any of them since college, but we are connected on facebook. It was lovely to see them - so affirming and so sweet. We talked about memories and about what our circle of classmates is up to now (we went to a big school, but there were only 100 people in our major - so we knew pretty much everyone).

Yesterday one of them posted on facebook that one of our classmates had died over the weekend. It turns out it was by suicide. She was actually supposed to have been coming to NYC this week. I didn’t know her well (she was a couple years ahead of me in school), so wasn’t going to join in - but the other NYCer alum was going to - they were super close.

She leaves behind some children - and was a therapist, which is just all sorts of f$%#ed up for her clients and for her kids. Having a mom or a therapist who commits suicide can really mess with you. I hope they all get the support they need and deserve.


I learned this am that she did it either on or just after her birthday. On FB, there are birthday messages since she died - people don’t know yet. It’s tragic. So many lovely messages to her.

One of my friends who was here this weekend is shaken - they had just reconnected and it sounds like it was a really nice relationship that was being re-formed. I’m really sad for my friend - and everyone else affected by this.

Please, reach out to anyone you know who struggles with depression and/or suicidality and let them know you care.

If you are depressed or suicidal - please get help and support. You may think it doesn’t matter what happens to you - but it does. It really does.

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