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TW: Happiness

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I haven't done this for ages, but let's do it right now!

My favourite things recently are these:

1) I got promoted

2) My husband really, really loves his job

3) We've heard some really excellent thunder this weekend

4) Last night I walked around the block and every single house had windows wide open and there was so much music, and I saw so many neighbours sitting on their steps — it's really summer


5) I'm going to one sunny Mediterranean country this month

6) I'm going to another sunny Mediterranean country next month

7) My husband discovered that trying to move me out of the way by rolling me across the bed makes me laugh in a particularly ridiculous way


8) I watched all the episodes of Utopia

9) I'm not pregnant

10) I took a sleeping pill and I can feel it starting to work and that's one of my favourite feelings in the world


11) We went on an excellent walk today: I showed my husband my favourite house in London, I wasn't scared of butterflies, and there was gin

12) I'm still not failing advanced Spanish

13) I'm wearing a Mexican-folk-art-embroidery-style (there must be a better word for that, but I'm not going to Google) dress I got for $15 in Ventura when we were supposed to be shopping for something specific that really definitely wasn't dresses, and it's the comfiest. I think I'll wear it to work tomorrow.


14) We remembered to put the hot water on. Excellent.

15) My toenails look excellent because home gel-manicure setups are the best

16) My current intern is getting a lot of really useful stuff done

17) I have a couple of commissions from my honeymoon trip

18) I just remembered there's a tiara in my bag

19) Our flat smells amazing

20) I went to The North and there were sheep and mediaeval ruins

YOUR TURN. What's making you happy at the mo?

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