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TW: Loss; let's be gentle with mods & each other

Hi all, I was talking with Celia who mentioned that she was good friends with Serenada, the O-Deck commenter who passed very recently. Some of you probably saw Chritter's post reacting to it yesterday and wondering how we think about online loss.

Its not really my place, but since GT has been in the middle of a somewhat heated discussion, I thought people should know that several of our mods and commenters lost a friend and are in the middle of grieving. So for the next few days they may not be responding to emails or comments with their usual alacrity, generosity and wit. A little patience might be in order while they process this loss.


RIP Serenada and condolences to everyone on Groupthink and O-Oeck who are feeling her absence most keenly.

ETA: I forgot to add that the new tagline is in Serenada's honor.

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