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Tw: medically induced weight loss

So I've been losing too much weight, which I'm thinking is caused from the energy burned during seizures. It could be from other things (stress, walking everywhere in heat, who knows). This is not a humble brag- and I really hope there are no comment about me being "lucky" (I'm sure you guys wouldn't, but I tried this on a health forum I visit, and I got yelled at bc I was lucky and should shut up). I look bad. I need to gain at least 10 lbs (at least- more would not hurt) to feel better about myself. I have epilepsy and a host of other issues, used to be over weight, lost a bunch, maintained my weight for a few years, got sick, was hospitalized, was underweight, gained it back, and now I'm losing again. I look, and feel, bad.

Here's my problem: I try to eat a lot- 4 or 5 times a day. A good mix of veggies (the majority of my diet), nuts, and protein (mostly nuts, tofu, legumes, and occasional meat). My thyroid functions just fine (which was my first thought), but my kidney and liver are a bit wonky.

I've added protein bars on the rec of my doctor, who isn't concerned at this point (but call him if anything changes, etc), because I'm active- I strength train, and walk everywhere. I don't want this to get to the point it did last time before anyone gets concerned. That was bad. And I'm vain, and this is not a good look for me, and I cannot afford new clothes- nothing fits. To make a point- in the last 7 ish years, my chest has gone from a full d to a barely b cup, so I've replaced a bunch of stuff, and tbh I'm hoping not to do that again. I don't care about the clothes exactly, but my bank account does, and I don't feel healthy, even with the change in diet, and the workout- which are great.


Info: protein shakes tend to make me sick- at least the powdered kind. And I can't do straight milk (I drink almond). Maybe a homemade kind would be better? I have a bit of$ to put toward this, but I can't go crazy.

Hivemind- does anyone have any ideas on how to gain a bit of weight in a healthy way (I'm still trying to convert mass into muscle- I want to be strong after that hospital stay- but I suppose you need mass for that.) that I'm missing? Am I being impatient?

And ideas would be appreciated.

I'm going to work and will be checking throughout the day, so if I don't get back to you right away, that's why.


* if this is offensive for whatever reason (I know weight is a touchy thing), let me know, and I'll take it down. I wasn't sure when I posted it, but I tried to keep numbers and whatnot out of it and stick to the medical aspects. *

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