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TW TW Fuzzy Spider Pics TW TW Don't Yell At Me

The boyfriend and I saw this tiny yellow spider in the Magnolia tree outside our front door about 8 weeks ago.

At first we ignored it but she (we call it she) kept returning night after night. After a few nights and several sad attempts at a web from Ms. Spider we began to take an active interest in her.

We attempted to feed her a June bug (ask your southern friends) a few weeks ago but it was too heavy. A few nights later we snagged a tiny one and gently placed it in her web. She wrapped it up quickly and went to work. After she ate it we didn't see her for a week.


After 7 days she reappeared double her original size. Her web-making was advanced but she still seemed to have issues catching food. So we fed her again tonight,

This photo is all flash but you can see her and her June bug. Sweet little spider.

Again, don't tell at me. :)

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