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TW: Weight loss ramblings

Check out these adorable Great Pyrenees puppies if you don't care to read about stuff that might be triggering for you like numbers, goals, progress, etc. (We used to have goats, and Pyrs, and they are the BEST. BEST. Goats, not so much. They're evil.)

So anyway...


This is pretty much me right now. Wayyyyy back when the dinosaurs roamed and I was 29, the Ye'let was 2, and (at a height of 5'4" with a small frame) I'd hit a high of 160. Atkins was getting a round of attention back then and I decided I could do anything (that involved bacon) for two weeks, and tried it. Five months later I'd lost 42 pounds, all by diet alone. I kept that weight off for approximately the next 10 years with moderately lowish-carbing all the while. (I'm pretty chill about everything, this was no exception.)

40 hit. Ugh. Weight crept back on, and by January 1st I was back to 158.8. I'd half-heartedly go back to lowcarb (I'm going to be annoying and just use this as a word, non-hyphenated), but it didn't take the same way as that first go-round. So I'd be like "Fuck it, I'm back to baking bread like a motherfucking boss."

I'm about to turn 45, going to have an empty nest, still very much uh, well, active with UncleK. This year when I did my yearly New Year "detox*" I decided to just keep rolling with it and am doing fucking GREAT. The thing about lowcarb is that once it starts working well, holy shit does it.

I've lost 10 pounds since January 1st and feel SO GOOD. I'm food logging (ugh) and average about 1200-1300 calories a day overall, which "should" be enough to lose weight anyway, but if you're a woman (particularly one over 40 who has ovaries and such) you know that goddammitalltohell, the calories in/calories out mantra can be a motherfucking lie. We get hormonal spikes, metabolism changes (oh, they're real all right), ALL THE PERIODS ALL THE TIME/NO PERIODS ALL THE BLOATING ANYWAY, etc, etc. It's just a bitch. I viewed some historical food logging stuff and I was already eating roughly 1000 calories a day. Hmph.


But hot damn, I've lost two inches off of my waist (biggest apple-shaped trouble spot), hips and bust in 28 days. That's a LOT.

I have a 40-something's perspective on the loss and/or goals - what happens, happens. I'm happy in my skin, I know how to dress my body shape to minimize what I'm not thrilled with, and my appearance is no longer some sort of fucked up currency. But considering my body runs best on lowcarb (triglycerides tank, cholesterol improves, sleep better, more energy, better skin, easier periods) I'm kind of viewing the weight loss as an ancillary benefit to keep me going.


Anyway, I feel really, really good, and since it's not something you can really talk about in meatspace I just wanted to share.

Also, I know. Some of you hate lowcarb. I get that. Which is why it's good for ME, not YOU. And, just for good measure, as you're still considering whether or not to neg me, not one single person ever died or developed kidney stones or damage by cutting out twinkies and subbing them for Brussels sprouts, or zucchini instead of pasta. Not one. Also, I average less than the RDA for protein for women (but just a little bit). It's really not all bacon all the time. And, here's a great lecture from a Stanford (vegetarian) professor you may enjoy . It's long but really good, and he's pretty engaging.


*detox = A huge pot of cabbage/vegetable soup. Mine this year wasn't lowcarb, really, as it had a bunch of tomatoes and black-eyed peas in it, but basically my goal with the first few days in January is to make that soup and eat a bowl of it first, before anything else. It is extremely low-calorie and I DO NOT recommend it as a diet or think that it's actually "detoxing" anything - I do it more to reset my eating patterns: Eat something good FIRST, then eat whatever. It's also delicious with sriracha (loaded with sugars), and I'll eat just about anything that can be doused in sriracha without getting tired of it.

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