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(TW: Weight Loss) What IS a serving?

So, I am starting Weight Watchers today again, in an attempt to get my life back under control. I've had a terrible year, and a part of that terrible year has been completely undoing all the hard work I did a few summers ago and gaining 21 lbs. I'm going on vacation with my family at the end of March, and it could very well be the last vacation I ever take with my father, so I don't want to look back at the pictures and be unhappy with my weight.

Anyway - I don't really understand what a serving is. Like, how do they get set? I understand that I have to measure out a serving, and I understand that on unhealthy food, like my Honey Nut Cheerios that I had for breakfast this morning, the serving will be ridiculously small. But what does that mean? That amount of food is enough for you to sustain yourself for x number of hours? Like, does the company arbitrarily set it? The FDA? I don't get it.


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