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TW: Whining!

My best friend who moved a few hours away was coming down tonight for New Year's with her kids but they are too sick to come. So disappointed and not feeling good myself. I have recovered well from the hysterectomy 4 weeks ago but I have this sinus headache, swollen lymph node, rash on my neck thing that didn't go away after antibiotics and prednisone for a week. And before surgery I had hand foot mouth disease and my feet are still peeling. I'll be here with awesome hubby and my 6 and 7 year old. Probably we will get a movie through Amazon online thingy. I am going to the doc - the swollen lymph nodes are all on one side of my body which is weird, don't you think? And the rash is too. Do I have MRSA? In other news I got a glow in the dark aquarium with glow in the dark fish for Christmas and we just set it up. Perhaps I will take leftover Percocet from my surgery and get trippy watching them swim for my New Year's entertainment. Other ideas?


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