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What’s going on all through your house, GT? Prepping a plate of cookies to leave out for Santa? Curling up under the Christmas tree for a nap? Something else entirely? If you’re around, share your Christmas Eve tale and plans for tomorrow.

Here, we are baking some coconut-chocolate chip cookies, drinking cider, listening to the new season of Serial, and trying to make it feel like Christmas. This will be my first Christmas ever away from my family - last year, I paid $1k to go home, and I just didn’t feel like I could justify the expense this year. So we stayed in town and are hosting brunch for one other stranded friend tomorrow, seeing that crazy Christmas horror movie Krampus together, then heading out to get dumplings in the International District. Will be nice, but not much like a “real” Christmas to me. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Want to hear a crazy story, GT? My sister is a nurse who works with teenage psychiatric patients one of whom got very ornery this week and kicked her straight-the-fuck-in-the-nose... and broke her nose really badly. Poor gal had to have reconstructive surgery today and is a hurting buckaroo. What a way to spend Christmas Eve! Kind of makes me wish even more that I could be home to help her out as she heals, or at least to watch some movies with her tomorrow.


Anyways, hope everyone here that celebrates is having a nice pre-Christmas evening, and that everyone who doesn’t finds plenty to do tomorrow. :)

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