Thanks to all the outrage from media, activists, politicians, DPS thugs have finally stopped confiscating women's tampons. Now, you can menstruate and protest the shittiest bill for women in the state of Texas!

As the ongoing debacle at the Texas State Capitol continues, Texas Department of Public Safety Troopers are not only confiscating women's tampons and maxi pads, but waving them around, mocking the women who brought them.

Watch this video to see one woman's horrific account of the ordeal here

“In front of, all of these male troopers took away my maxi-pads, and made a huge deal out of flashing them around and showing… and then saying that I couldn’t go into the gallery, I couldn’t take maxi-pads into the gallery. I’ve never been… I’ve never been so humiliated in my life.”


We need to send a message that this is not OK!

Get on Twitter now and tweet @TxDPS and ask them "Why do u think it's OK for your MALE troopers to take women's tampons and maxi pads and wave them around?"

Don't have Twitter? Here is their phone number 512-424-2000

Email? Use this, from their website: "Click here if you would like to commend an employee for their exceptional service or remarkable assistance."


"Commend an employee for exceptional service?" Sure, I'd like to commend your jackbooted thug trooper for harassing a woman over her maxi pads! Can he get a cookie???


I couldn't resist: