If you're as up on your celebrities who hang with awful people beat as I am, you know by now that J-Lo plans to sing at Turkmenistan dictator Gurbanguly Berdymukhamedov’s birthday. Oh boy! This can only end well!

I thought we should celebrate by giving J-Lo some new suggested song titles to sing at this wonderful occassion. America's Baby (aka the only baby on Earth that matters) has already jumped in the fun.

"Waiting For Tonight's Genocide" #jennyfromthegulag #humanrightswatch

— AmericasBaby (@AmericasBaby1) June 29, 2013

''I'm Real Oppressed" #jennyfromthegulag @hrw

— AmericasBaby (@AmericasBaby1) June 29, 2013

RT those or use your own (btw, her song title selection is quite lackluster. 90 percent of her music involves a possessive personal pronoun and another noun.)

Use the hashtag #jennyfromthegulag and let's send a message about the audacity of a wealthy American pop star turning a blind eye for a quick payday.