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Twenty Two Percent Of Millenials Are Unsure If They Heard Of The Holocaust

How the hell did this happen. How can 1 of 5 people from ages 24 to 38 are unsure about this. How much do their children know or will know?

I cannot help if the rise of Breitbart and the AltRight is not connected with this rise in ignorance. I cannot also wonder even in this nation we ignore the massacres against Native Americans such as the Wounded.Knee Massacre. So ignoring the Holocaust that happened overseas should not be surprising. How many Americans are American Firsters who do not care about what’s going on overseas. Plus we are a nation that allows the altright in School Boards and State Houses to rewrite slavery as a.benevolent thing. My god on Fox News they have had regular guests who claim African Americans were better off as slaves.

So should I be surprised by this? No.

I want to thank my Catholic High School history teacher showing for a week the miniseries Holocaust and talking about it. He did skip parts for time but the main scenes including the gas chambers scenes he left in. He also taught us about the massacre of millions by the Kymer Rouge in Cambodia.


If you and your children never watched the Holocaust watch it, watch Sophie’s Choice. Read with your children The Holocaust by Gerald Green and Night by Elie Weisel.

One thing about the Holocaust miniseries and novel along with Holocaust in general is it drives home the point Nazis were not people with scars running down their face who looked like psychopaths. They were often well educated men and women who believed they were good family parents and good members of society yet were totally evil and documented what they did not as psychopaths filling a diary but as bureaucrats filling forms and keeping records. Who thought of nothing about giving orders or following through on orders to gas women and children then going home and eating supper with their family and asking their children how their day was at school.

This to me always scared me and saddened me the most. How people can seem and act like ordinary people in private or in their neighborhood yet be capable of the worst crimes in history.

There was a really good 80s movie about a woman whose dad was arrested decades later for War Crimes she did not believe it because she saw him as a good father and a good American who worked hard nice to neighbors. Yet she discovered how evil he was and found he kept the truth in a jewelry box (or music box). The point I got was evil does not look like evil if you base it on their looks or their every day acts. Evil is often hidden beneath a facade of ordinariness of seeming niceness. That the most ordinary is capable of horrible evil. Yet they may fool you for a lifetime. Sad part is they often believe the facade is the reality and their evil acts a job or following orders. I think movie was with Jobeth Williams


Include this movie to see. Anyone recall it?

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