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Twice Born Documentary

I'm watching this documentary on PBS right now and it's just breaking my heart. I may be crying. I can't quite pull myself away... i'm really pulling for the kids involved. I may have gone through a few tissues...

Here's a blurb from the webpage:

The premiere episode sets the stage for the intense and emotional stories to come. Dr. Scott Adzick, Surgeon-in-Chief at the elite Center for Fetal Diagnosis and Treatment at The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, and a pioneer of fetal surgery, explains his own conviction: if you can get to babies earlier, while they are still inside their mothers, you can stop some of the damage of birth defects before it is too late.At the heart of the episode are the parents who journey from all over, hoping to find cures for their unborn babies' maladies.

Episode 1 introduces Lesly, a resourceful 23-year-old, single mother whose unborn baby has developed a massive tumor growing from her mouth. The episode includes never-before-seen operating room footage as Dr. Holly Hedrick performs a rare EXIT procedure and attempts to remove the tumor while the fetus is still attached to her mother. Meanwhile, Shelly and Bobby, a couple whose unborn child suffers from spina bifida, wait anxiously to find out if they are candidates for fetal surgery.


So what good documentaries or PBS things have you seen lately?

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