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Twitter and relevance

Not to put too fine a point on it, I wonder if after massive blowback for Erin Gloria Ryan's twittering, Jezebel will ever consider putting a stop to one of my least favorite features, highlighting random assholes on twitter. I know it is good for pageviews but I struggle for relevance here. There is racism on the internet? Misogyny? Total assholes? Why is this important to know that some 15 year old in Poughkeepsie is not okay with Ms. America or that Tracie Egan Morrissey got a bunch of high school students to answer for racial epithets against the president? I could link to the original articles if you want but it had enough inflammatory language that I'm not sure anyone felt like reliving the memories.

It's not that I'm against combating racism—it's the contrary, I'm not sure if this shit does anything but make people think they are doing something but they are really just being internet cowboys while ignoring the insidiousness of racism or sexism or misogyny. It's the same way that I struggle to wonder why does anyone care about Erin Gloria Ryan. Does her apology really mean anything? Or her tweet for that matter?


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