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If you are not on the Twitter, ladies and gents, you missed out on quite the event today. Given all the news items that have stirred up our country for various reasons, it only makes sense that our news agencies step in to tell us what we should think about them.

If you know anything about BuzzFeed, then you know that they are famous for their easy clickbait listicles ("24 Easy Ways To Make Your Kid Forget You Never Bought Them A Pony!") that boil down any issue, no matter how large, to an easily digestible bullet-point soup.

If you know anything about Fox News, well, then, you know about Fox News, and I have no need to explain it to you.


So today, some enterprising folks on Twitter decided to look forward into a future utopia where BuzzFeed and Fox News took the inevitable step and joined their attention-grabbing headlines in non-news matrimony. It was a festive occasion, a celebration of mind-numbing cultural unawareness and easy-to-read lists.

So enjoy some of my favorites below - I'm probably including too many, but there were so many amazing Tweets today, I wish I could include them all. But should you be an enterprising soul, #FoxBuzzFeed is for you.

(Full disclosure — I am including some of my own here. Yes, that is cheating. But in my defense, my wit was on full sparkle today and that is not likely to happen again any time soon, so ENJOY IT WHILE YOU CAN.)


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