In 140 characters or less, many Americans have made it clear that they do not have the empathic attention to grieve for two people at the same time. Some of the people (not all, but enough to be extremely disappointing) popping up on twitter have made it abundantly clear that sadness is a zero-sum game, and that they cannot feel sadness for a murdered black boy in the face of a beloved celebrity's death.

Wonderella will start off this melodic transition from sadness at racial injustice to the tragic, non-controversial, and frankly more comfortable mourning of a celebrity death....

...but surely this is not indicative of a larger disregard for Trayvon-


-ah, well, Trayvon is not trending okay, but that doesn't mean people are actually suggesting that Cory Monteith's death is the only thing we should focus on. This isn't grief-off, now is it?

But, surely, SURELY people can negotiate the uncomfortable feelings that associate a genuine reflection and critical analysis of Zimmerman's acquittal as well as sadness regarding Cory's early death?


Heh. Well, fuck. Is anyone else seeing these sorts of comments dismissing Trayvon to mourn for Cory posts (or vice versa) on twitter or their FB feed?

If you're looking for a non-dreary perspective via tweets - for instance, something that actually highlights twitter responses looking at this from a critical, social justice perspective - please check out Eloise Vanian's groupthink post!


*EDIT - I give up trying to reformat this, sorry. Kinja you win this time....