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Welcome To The Bitchery
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Twitter Thoughts

So everyone is talking about how Katy Perry has 50 million Twitter followers. I mean good on her, she's popular, she has some good songs (some are terrible in my opinion). However the fact that 50 million people are waiting on the words of someone who has worn a whipped cream bra makes me cringe.

Now I don't follow Katy Perry on Twitter, for all I know she's conducting dialogues on the collected works of Simone De Beauvoir. I'm assuming she's mainly promoting her own stuff and taking some silly pictures based on a quick look.


Madeline Albright has just over 40k followers. I know she's new to Twitter and doesn't tweet frequently but those two numbers just boggle my mind.

I rarely tweet and when I do its mainly for my own amusement. I do follow almost 80 people mainly public figures and celebrities. I have nothing against Katy Perry, as a person or a Twitter figure. Or maybe I don't get to judge anyone's following preferences until I have double digit amount of followers.

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