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Two Books Anyone Familiar With Series For First Author and Publisher For Second

Except for buying the DVD Hello Dolly for a dollar which I bought as soon as we arrived at the fleamarket after two hours I saw a table with two books I wanted.

One book was this. Its the Quintessential World of Darkness containing five novels by five different authors. I have seen this series on and off over the years but this is my first purchase. Is World of Darkness a good series? Is this a good starting point?


Second book was by Mark E. Rogers. The book seems to be a zombie novel published by Infinity. Mark E. Rogers from looking him up wrote in the 80s the Samurai Cat novels. Never heard of them. Anyone familiar with him or heard of Infinity?

The cover of my book is kinda gross so I just put in this image.

I paid a dollar for both novels. So two dollars total. I have know idea how much my mother spent I just know trunk and backseat had lots a stuff.


I actually spent more at McDs after. I bought a McD Mocha Frappe small for $2 and two sandwiches for $2.50 the two for $2.50 deal. I got a McDouble and a McChicken. No clue why McChicken has to be so spicy. Its very good but too spicy. No I do not order it spicy. Its the crust that’s spicy. Can you believe my mother prefers the McShake over the Mocha McFrappe? Both good but Mocha McFrappe is the new Nectar of the Gods. So I alternate each week. She has some of my McChicken and some of the drink.

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