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Two Cats, One Home - Questions

I've never had two cats before. Hell, Siren was my first cat period. So there's a bunch of shit I'm not too sure about and I know a ton of you guys have more than one cat, so maybe you can help me? Please?

So first off, for those of you who don't know, we're keeping the kitten! I explained the situation to the guy who was going to adopt him, and he took it very well. He did seem a little upset but he was very kind and understanding, and he may adopt an 8 month old kitten that a friend of mine is trying to give away or he's going to adopt one from a shelter.


Also, thank you Greenheart and SorciaMacnasty for helping me pick a name! From now on, the little furball will be known as Sebastian :)

Ok, so, questions. Answer any you can. Thank you!

  1. Do I need to use two separate litter boxes? My normal vet said separate rooms and litter boxes, but neglected to say if the litter box was only because we didn't have the blood work back yet (he said rooms specifically because we didn't have the blood work back, but if it came back negative they can be together). I originally had Siren's litter box and an aluminum tray for him, and they were both using both boxes (we have to keep the boxes in the same room). I saw the vet for Siren today, but he wasn't the usual doctor (mine is off for an emergency) and on top of him being kind of an asshole* he said to keep on with separate litter boxes. So I went to Petco and got another litter box, but they're still not sticking to one box each. Do I really need to use two?
  2. How do I keep the food separate as possible? They're both eating Natural Balance dry food, but Siren has "cat" wet food while Sebastian has "kitten" wet food and they want to eat each other's food. I already have the bowls in separate rooms most of the day, and I do try and scold them whenever I catch them going to the other's bowl, but it's still hard to keep them away. Any tips for this?
  3. Is there any way, at all, to keep them quiet at night? Siren is usually good at night, but Sebastian wants to play between the hours of 10 pm and 3 am. Mostly Siren is annoyed because she wants to sleep, but she'll still play with him and they're so fucking loud. Is there a way to get the little guy to sleep at night and play during the day?
  4. Do I need to get separate everything in general? Food and water bowls obviously, but as far as everything else? We're (hopefully) moving soon, and I'd like to get them some form of cat bed thing. Should I get them each one or can I just get one big one for the two of them to share? I'm also going to get another cat carrier soon anyway (for when we move) but is it ok that they're sharing one now? I'm not putting them both in at the same time, of course, but they're using the same one at the moment. Neither are unhappy about it, so is it ok for the time being?

Alright, I think that's it for now. If anyone has any more questions, feel free to add them! And any more tips or advice would be awesome if I did miss something.

*He literally called Siren fat even after I told him I'm trying to get her to lose weight, not to mention she weighs less than I thought (she's 9.15 lbs and only gained 1/2 ounce since the last time she was there, which was like a year ago or so). And he gave me shit for not keeping the two separate because Sebastian didn't get his shots yet, even though my regular vet specifically said I can intermingle them if the blood work comes back negative and just to get him his shots as soon as I can. Next time I bring either in, I need to make sure it's the regular vet and not this guy cuz he just annoyed me.

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