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Two cool things that happened today

Sometimes my job stresses me the fuck out and other times, I am really glad to work where I do. Today was one of the latter days.

The weekly school assemblies are mostly run by the students, as they are encouraged to take on leadership roles and take ownership of their projects, etc. So the Diversity Committee got up today and did a little presentation on Halloween costumes and what is appropriate and what is not, and it was so awesome to see these young kids being so enthusiastic about sharing how to be socially conscious with their peers, and to see their classmates responding positively. So often we just hear the stories of people being ignorant, racist jerks on Halloween (and every other day of the year) and it warmed my heart to think about the kids who are fighting the good fight.

And secondly, there was this whole complicated situation with a speaker coming to the school that I and another female co-worker were concerned about. I work in a private school in the advancement department and there are a lot of things that happen in the name of "cultivation" that I find...distasteful. Usually, it's prominent families getting their way with administration because they are major donors to the school. In this case, a "pillar of the community" type (read: old, white, very rich dude), who is a major fundraising prospect, wanted to bring a speaker to the school who was going to talk about his experience having been falsely accused and convicted of sexual assault and who is now involved in wrongful conviction advocacy. My co-worker and I had some major concerns about how this issue was being presented to the students and whether or not it would be creating an unsafe environment that would perpetuate myths about false rape reporting and basically, we just really wanted to ensure that the issue was being handled sensitively. And so we brought our concerns to our (male) boss, who - while he clearly hadn't really thought through the implications initially - totally listened and took us seriously and responded immediately. Long story short, the speaker still came to the school but steps were taken to ensure the subject matter was handled sensitively and appropriately. And I felt good that not only had we brought our concerns forward, but my boss had listened and actually taken us seriously, instead of brushing us off like we were being oversensitive, the way so many men do when women talk about rape culture. So that was a pretty positive experience.


So here's a dancing Groot, 'cause he's cute and I had a good day today. :)

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