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Two food recs -- one very healthy and one very not (but oh, so delicious)

First the healthy rec: Overnight Oats from Oh She Glows (I’ve been subbing 1/3 cup of unsweetened applesauce for the banana and adding lots more cinnamon)

I’ve been having this for breakfast all week and I love it. It’s surprisingly tasty, and it’s crazy filling — I’ve not only stopped eating a mid-morning snack, I’ve started eating lunch about an hour later, and I’m still eating less of it. And it’s SO easy. You just mix the ingredients and refrigerate them overnight, and in the morning you have delicious oatmeal that you can either heat in the microwave or eat cold. No cooking! No prep dishes! You can make breakfast for a week in approximately 3 minutes!

Next the unhealthy rec: Hostess Sno Balls ice cream

I saw this at Target last night (along with Twinkie and Hostess Cupcake ice cream) and had to try it. I don’t even like Sno Balls, but the marshmallow ice cream sounded interesting. And it’s so crazy good. The ice cream is delicious, the coconut swirl is subtle but add a great touch, and the chocolate cakes pieces are sparse but very tasty.


I decided to try a spoonful as soon I got home from the store, and it was so good I ended up having a bowl of ice cream for dinner. I seriously could have eaten half the carton if I didn’t know how much I’d regret it afterward. Now I really want to try the Twinkie and Cupcake versions!

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