1. I love this piece by Anne Lamott. I cannot tell you the number of times my mother, my friends w/kids have told me that life doesn't really have any meaning when you don't have kids. Well, why don't I kill my worthless self right now then?

"Why I Hate Mother's Day: It Celebrates The Great Lie - That Those With Children Are More Important Than Those Without"

2. I HATE all the Facebook Validation.

I told my mom I love her in person. I don't think she wants pix of her pjs on Facebook. Does that mean I love her less? She's not even ON Facebook - and neither are most of my friends' parents.

It feels like things are MORE special when they are shared between two people, or a family. It feels kind of creepy that people need so much validation from strangers. And it really rubs it in the face of those whose parents have died.

3. I do like funny updates. I like seeing pictures of that day's run. I like hearing about your trip to wherever. I just don't like the boasting and the Validate Me! posts.

Me: I'll be spending mother's day grading and planting in the backyard and baking all sorts of goodies for my LAST DAY OF CLASS. There is nothing like bribing students with food to give you good evaluations.