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Two in one day: another OKStupid sacrifice!

For you, hivemind! I throw this race-fetishist into the gauntlet of our relentless snark:

Very cool and sincere intro. Also, I dig and envy your ethnic makeup. Your diasporic blend of differing genetic pools makes for a superhuman! Not only does it enable aesthetic beauty and symmetry, but your immune to myriad illness and conditions those with small homogeneous gene pools are susceptible to! Wow I'm such an odd ball sending that as a greeting. Anyway I'm mike

Why yes, Mike. Yes, you are an oddball. But not in the hot way that gets into my pants...


I get called exotic like, at least twice a day, so it's nothing particularly new, but the fact that he threw a lot of ten cent words in there to try to impress me is really rich. For the record, my family is about as riddled with health problems as any other (perhaps more, as we're the perfect combo of unlucky, poor, and midwestern-diet-lovin') sooooo I'm pretty sure we've debunked the whole super-race theory. Unless I have some Super Saiyan power that's yet to be unleashed (which would explain why my hair defies gravity).


And people wonder why I don't date much...

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