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(Well, not intentionally, at least.)

The first:

A blind elderly woman walked onto a crowded train. The handicapped seats were already taken. She stood and tried to keep her balance. People around her noticed and asked the guys in the handicapped seats to give one of their seats to her. One of them, a young man who had headphones on and didn't look to have been paying attention, stood up and let her have his seat. All the while, the woman is telling people to let them be and that they may also have a disability that is just not as visible as hers.


The second:

An older woman walked onto a crowded train, approached the handicapped seats. She looks at a young man with headphones on who is seated in one of them and tells him that the seats are for seniors. The young woman seated in the handicapped seat beside him gives up her seat saying she's getting off at the next stop. The first woman takes the seat and continues to try to engage the man in the seat next to her. She asks him if he can read, despite the fact the sign is in images. He mumbles something. She gets offended. In the seats adjoining the handicapped ones are a middle aged and elderly woman, who seem to be accompanying the young man. The middle aged woman steps in and tries to placate the first woman. The first woman thanks her and continues to glare at the young man. A couple of people standing nearby make comments. One says something about the young man's values. Another says something that causes the woman to respond "Well, you didn't hear what he said to me." The ride goes on. The woman takes out a newspaper and the young man complains to the two woman with him and the elderly one tells him to stay calm.

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