Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

This week, I'd been feeling a little down about my home-run business, so I decided to send out a couple resumes to some craigslist adverts that looked interesting. And two companies have gotten back to me!!

Both times, I was totally unprepared for the people to call me, and did not hear where they were calling from, so I kind of pretend to understand who they are until they say the name of the company again. For the second phone call, that didn't happen, and now I'm waiting on a confirmation email so I know where the hell I'm going and what job I'm even interviewing for! Since I sent out like five emails, it could be a couple very different positions.


Anyway, I'm feeling pretty excited and am hoping that I can finally make an interview stick, since I get the itch to have a "real job" every few months, and I'd like to be an adult now please.

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