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Two job offers...HALP

Ok so in the past 24 hours I got two job offers. CRAZY. UNEXPECTED. Essentially what happened is I have a part time job doing grudge work (not actually grudge work, but don’t want to dox myself. It’s essentially non glamorous software work. I actually like it a lot!) at a software company. I figured once I graduated I had a chance of being hired on full time doing not grudge work (the glamorous stuff). Cool. I also had this other place that was hiring a full time grudge work person, so I applied. Since I have experience and such.

Well, when I told my supervisor this the conversation went from “we can’t promise anything but we usually hire more full time people in the beginning of the year” to “we are ready to make an offer.” Only problem is: the position is contract to hire, and doesn’t start for 6 weeks. So my tax rate would shoot up and I wouldn’t have benefits for three months + 6 weeks. However, I wouldn’t have to move and my future plans (move in with bf) would stay the same. Everything would be the same, except I would be paid a lot more! (with higher taxes).

Then I got an offer for the grudge work job. This job pays $10k less than if I were full time at my current job, but it has benefits out the wazoo. I would have to buy a car, because there would be a commute. I would have to move. However, my bf has said he thinks he might be able to find a job easier where this job is because he grew up there and has lots of contacts. In his field, you’re useless without a network and he doesn’t really have one where he currently is. However, him finding a job is a LOOOOOOONG process. He’s been wanting a different job, though, so this change could be positive for him.


As for culture, I feel like my current job is flying by the seat of its pants. I also feel like when they hire, they pay much less attention to interpersonal skills and so we have a lot of solitary coders who aren’t good at communicating and are sometimes assholes. The other job vetted my interpersonal skills A TON and I got to meet the entire team and it just feels like an awesome and positive place to be.

I feel like I can thrive in either place. I’m not too concerned about future plans because with either job, if it doesn’t work out, I can get a job somewhere else easily and probably with more pay.

Any advice? I basically just word vomited all my feelings about this soooo if it’s hard to parse, sorry!! Thank you for reading!

EDIT: I accepted the full time job at my current position and turned down the new job. Woo~ thanks for all your help!

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