Hello, GT! So many updates, so little time so I have been lurking some and not posting much. Two main gripes this week:

1. BF’s reverse PA piercing cut me inside. This is the third time in our one year together, and I’ve issued a moratorium that we will never have teh secks with the piercing in again.

2. BF recently moved to a new apartment and still have boxes to unpack. On Monday, I had to open a few of them to find something and I found notebooks and love notes to him from his ex. I’d physically recoiled and ugly-cried that instant but calmed down enough to talk to him about keeping mementos from past relationships and while I cannot understand why people do this (I’m the sort who burns bridges with exes and destroy all that reminds me of them), I pulled up my big girl pants and accept this of him. That was Monday.

Then yesterday, I was in the kitchen and thinking that it needed cleaning up. I opened a random cupboard door and it was empty, save for a thank-you-for-loving-me card... from the same ex, complete with a photo of the two of them. I did a second ugly-cry in two consecutive days. When BF got home, we talked and I told him to gather all those mementos and to store them in a place I would never find again.

Rationally, I know people have histories and that the past has a hand in shaping you to be who you are at present. I guess I felt upset at first because 1) I’m still trying to mature, and 2) I can be possessive but I believe I’ve grown up a lot, but it feels like the ghost of an ex is still lingering, and in a new apartment at that. I also felt kinda yucky stumbling upon the photo and notes like “Will you still love me?” and glimpsing into the ex’s thoughts at that time.


tl;dr: Found mementos of BF’s last relationship before me, got a bit upset, trying to be a big girl about it, and wondering how to be comfortable with such things in his home.

For your troubles, I gift you my current jam: