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Welcome To The Bitchery
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Two lessons from today

Lesson One: At the fleamarket a regular dealer who is in her 70s was saying how hard it is to sell now. She finds with the economic uncertainty people are looking but not buying. She also said which I have heard many times people in their 30s and under are uninterested in buying stuff like plates, knickknacks and tea cups etc. only electronics which she does not sell. Her prices were reasonable to cheap. I had no interest though.

Second lesson. Wearing a button down sweater? Want to try on a jacket? If you remove the sweater to put on the jacket, do NOT forget the sweater. My mother did that she bought the jacket for two dollars and forget the sweater on the table. She liked her sweater more. We go in two different directions for most of the flea market time we spend there so I found out about the jacket on the way home. We do meet up every thirty minutes.


I bought nothing btw. I did buy the four for four dollars meal at Wendy’s and a large Butter Pecan flavored Ice Coffee at Dunkin’ Donuts, I love the Butter Pecan flavor. I use a gift card which I put ten dollars into every 10 days because you get points for a free drink, I always get the large Frozen Chocolate drink as my free drink.

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