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We were at the mall. I picked up at Gamestop for $2.99 Cradle of Rome 2 for the 3ds.

So I left and headed to the elevator to go downstairs and meet my mother for lunch. We had a gift card for ChickFilA. I only tried samples so this was our first time going.


In the elevator getting off were two women. They were together. One was mentally disabled. I let them pass since that’s what one does at an elevator but you all know it. So I started to step inside when I felt a backward sharp yank on my elbow. The mentally disabled woman was grabbing my elbow I was in the doorway not the safest spot. The woman she was with turned around and yelled “let him go”. She let go, I stepped in and I quickly hit the down button.

I am not blaming the woman who grabbed me. I do blame the one she was with for not holding her by the hand or teaching her not to touch people. All I could think of was what if this was the stairs or worse the escalator I could easily have tumbled down the escalator. This would have been a serious accident with broken bones or neck. I did not say amything during the event. I was just stunned.

Then I met my mother and we went to ChickfilA. I got the #1 meal of a diet coke, chicken sandwich and fries. We split the fries. So I got ranch dressing for the fries and two packets of ketchup. I swear I started a fashion trend. This was the ketchup Heinz Dip amd Squeeze. I had such a hard time tearing it open. I pulled and pulled and pulled. My mother was directly across from me. She had a hard time opening the second. I finally tore it open. I instantly noticed how little ketchup there was. The ketchup flew onto my mother’s hair. I must have been squeezing when tearing it open.


Did you know ketchup and hair together gets stuck amd sticky? No? Well neither did I. It does. Goes who went for a perm two weeks ago. Not me if you wondering. It created a nice streak of red which she wiped off but left a sticky gluey coating. She is washing her hair tonight.

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