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Welcome To The Bitchery

Two new cable dramas one really good one really bad

My mother and I watched on OnDemand the first two episodes of A and Es The Returned. Really good. Producer is Thom Beers who produces Storage Wars. Unlike ABCs The Resurrection I really like the pacing of these two episodes. Very fast paced. Although they seemed to have forgotten on Returned, the woman whose hubby killed himself. My nother and I are really annoyed with the doctor. She finds the character an idiot. The doctor saw this boy about eight on the side of the road then by her hotel. She takes him in a nosy neighbor watches then introduces herself. Why did the doctor not call child services right away? She has no clue who he is. she goes to the police station and asks about local missing kids. Ah missing kid could be three states over. Does she tell the police she has a strange child in her apartment? Nope. Otherwise I like it but they do throw a lot at the viewer.

E! The Royals. We saw one third of first episode. Yikes its really bad. Its a fake British accented Royal Family. Queen is played by Elizabeth Hurley. She has a son who is now dead. A daughter who went to a bar, fell and her picture was taken showing she had no panties on. A younger son who is now first in line is sleeping with the security chief's daughter. I guess the real royal family is just too dull to dramatize. I stopped.when the son and daughter's two female cousins shiwed with up with their dogs wearing those small hats. My mother said "are they suppose to be like Fergie's daughters". Me: "yup, do you like the show?". My mother "not really". Off went ondemand.


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