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Two TV news stories one is jawdropping

First for Bloomberg TV fans who have been wondering where the cohost of their morning show Bloomberg Go has gone. The cohost is Stephanie Ruhle. I really liked her, not as well as Carol Costello opposite her on CNN, Costello is a better interviewer. Well MSNBC has hired her to anchor during the day. I assume she will replace Kate Snow unless they have bigger plans for Thomas Roberts.

Snow is better reporting then anchoring. I never thought there was much engagement between her and the guests. Of course it was idiotic to have dumped Alex Wagner. Ruhle has the engagement strength. The question is can she transition from financial news to generic news and political news.


I would think so.

The second tv news story is maddening. It looks like if Castle is renewed for next season there will be no Becket. Yes that’s like Dave without Maddie, Rob Petrie without Laura, Bones without Boothe or Scully without Mulder. Castle and Becket are the show without either of them there is no show. Its shocking, very shoxking Stana Katic has NOT even been approached to renew her contract.


Unpopular position. I say cancel the show is if there is no Becket. Also it seems the ME will be gone too.

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