Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

1) Most important. Drum roll please. BJs is doing samples again. I was there yesterday to buy their slice of pizza/soda combo and my mother got their hot dog/soda combo. Anyways we browsed and samples are back. I talked to one of the sample folks and she said a new marketing firm took over.

2) Tomorrow night on Hallmark Cedar Cove season 2 began. If you like Love Boat style shmaltz and corny stories this is your show. Andie McDowell is the lead who is the town judge who is dating a former alcoholic city reporter who took over her small town newspaper. Loads of characters and even the villian, isn't really so horrible. Also Bruce Boxleitner (B5) owns an inn and is the town's Dear Abby, always dispensing useful advice. Its worth watching and if you can try to watch the season 1 first episode and the last episode to be prepared for season 2. Saturday 8pm EDT.


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