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Welcome To The Bitchery

Two PSAs One XMas But Can Be Applied Elsewhere and Second Is Not

PSA #1 Its the Holidays and one gift you may get is a card or many cards with money or gift cards/certificates inside. Do NOT say “well I will leave the gift in the card and take it out later”. Nope. No, No. You do NOT do this? Why? You will forget and after the holidays you will push the cards into the trash barrel to be picked up by sanitation workers.

Happened a s a child my mother got a gift certificate and she placed in back in the card. After Christmas came she threw out all the cards into the trash to be picked up the next day. A few days later she wanted to use the gift certificate. Oh no.


Lesson: Money or gift cards. You put in your wallet. If the giver says anything tell them the story of ones mother who ..... . Actually tell them anyways. Say it funnily.

PSA #2 Now this I didn’t really care about. I was in the passanger seat with the heat on HI and the seat warmer on max. I was toasty and happy. I was in no rush to our destination.


We were on Main Street the intersections have special lights for people walking the street. There is even a 20 second timer. This man mid 20s started crossing. I was paying minimal attention. My mother who was driving was when I heard:

My mother: Can you believe this?

Me: Huh?

My mother: Look at him walk he is just slowly strolling.

Me: (who seriously was not in a rush) He could have a disability.

My mother: He has a cellphone up to his ear.

Light was no green but he was now in front of us.

Me: Its probably hard to walk and talk on cellphone.

My mother: He should not have been on the cellphone to begin with. He kept cars waiting while he strolled across the street. A stroll is.faster.


The man was safely on the sidewalk and we were driving away.

Lesson: Don’t be on your cellphone when downtown crossing the busy street. It annoys my mother. If I was not toasty warm in the car it would have annoyed me.

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