On MSNBC I think it was Chris Matthews who said the Pope has a desire that all the American countries from Central America and north be one. Is this the ultimate solution? Not have them as states but something similar with what England has with its Commonwealths or what we have with American Samoa and Puerto Rico? It would allow us to send troops to end the drug trade we would not have the situation at the border. I assume federal law applies to America Samoa and Puerto Rico thus wages will go up in the new Commonwealths.

Not sure how the Pope envisions this. Although would these nations want to do it. I cannot picture republicans embracing it but is the Pope on the right tract.

Although I am also not sure if Matthews has this right.

Second question did anyone pick up what he said about fundamentalism? Was he talking about about American fundamentalism? Or just ISIS?


I know he is very antichoice and against same sex marriage but his talking about immigrants, the poor and elderly I really like. I found a sincere goodness in him yet he wants to deny women rights over their body and marriage equality. I believe if he was nonCatholic I would just dismiss him. Maybe Catholic school.upbringing its engrained to try to like the Pope. I love his message about actions and looking out for others. I love it when he said communion is not a reward. Yet being antichoice is controlling and denying the dignity of letting a woman control her body and her life. Being antimarriage equality denies .people the dignity of love in a committed relationship. Yes I know there are far more and better reasons to be prochoice and promarriage equality.

I need to mull this over. I always went through life past thirty odd years (since college)if you were antichoice and last few years anti marriage equality I dismissed these people completely as unworthy of my time or effort in terms of friendship or knowing them. Have I been wrong? Although my mother is antichoice but only after viability except life and health of the mother, she is the only person I agree to disagree with. She considers viability after six months. Watching the pope have I been wrong dismissing these folk? Again this needs great deal of mulling over.