We went shopping today and I saw at a thrift shop for $6 dollars a box collection Carry On series.

One of the movies was Carry On Cleopatra it looks based on cover like a sex comedy. I don’t care for sex comedies so I put the set back on the shelf. The box said its a British series of movies. I never heard of them. Has anyone?

Question Two I need new socks. I went to Marshalls a fashion chain of cheapish clothes. When did ankle socks for men become so popular? My mother bought them once for me and my reaction was “whats this”. Tried a pair on and they slipped under my feet so they are now buried some where in my clothing drawers. They had more ankle socks then regular socks. I bought a package of 8 work socks the goes up.the normal length I am used to. It was on clearance. Can you believe nonclearance they wanted 16 dollars? I got them for 7. My mother claims its cheap. My mother then threw in two pairs of “happy socks”. They were a dollar each.


So why are ankle socks popular? They seem masochistic in the way they slip under ones feet and get between foot and shoe. Any men here like them if so how do they not slip or do they and you do not care.


I know I should buy socks at thrift shops, I just think that and underwear should be bought new.