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Two Quickie Questions A Book Question and Nail Question

1. I bought at a thrift shop The Lady of The Rivers, Red Queen and White Princess. Yeah not White Queen. These are by Phillipa Gregory. I looked and LOtR is first.

How historically accurate is she? Whenever you bring in dialogue that’s not documented its questionable. I did read her pure fictional historical novel Wildacre a few years ago amd enjoyed it.

2. With my fibro I cannot twist my body to cut my toe nails so my mother does it but she thinks I should soon get it done elsewhere. Would it have to be a podiatrist (foot doctor) or nail salon. Do nail salons just cut toe nails? Or will I be charged for a full pedicure just for a five minute nail cutting.


I wish Petsmart did human nails as well as cutting GF and BFs nails. They are quick but their device to cut looks hella scary.

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