Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

1) How to I make my new jeans stop leaking color? They've been washed by themselves twice!

I keep buying dark "legging" jeans from Gap and they always go through this terrible forever phase of making my hands blue, no matter how much white vinegar I throw in the wash. I stay loyal to Gap because they sell women's denim like dude's denim. I am a 31 short there and I can walk into a store and buy jeans in a jeans-emergency/when they're having a sale.

Any tips?

2) I have had my eye on this Kate Spade bag (Cedar Street Monday) in various colors for a year now. Now they make it in a slightly more usable for humans size and I got a new job that pays money and things! I waaaant it. Will I have major regret if I buy it in bold, bright pink (Sweetheart Pink)?


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