I felt so used with Bones. I thought finally the writers decided to dump Hodgins and Angela. Really they needed to go. Both really just going through the motions. Angela has to me become a one line joke “oh sweetie”. Hodgins really I am sick of hearing “King of the lab”. Nope. They are staying. Bones I really thought season would end with her giving birth not her and Booth leaving their jobs. Yeah obviously they will be back.

Major Crimes well it was so obvious last season Rusty would take on the cases of dead teens with no names. Well he has this season. Actually there have been two episodes. When Julio talked about his late wife if you did not fill up with tears you are not human. Sharon is still one of my favorite characters on tv. Major Crimes is still one of my fav shows if not my fav show.

Rizzoli and Isles I am getting a bit tired of it. Season began last night. It seemed a bit contrived like they said “oh police shooting is getting to be big news let’s go with it”. Instead it turned ho hum. If you are making a storyline of a cop killing a civilian at least show or refer to town reaction. Boston is not a passive city. Plus if you are doing ripped from the headlines story maybe have Frankie kill a minority would have reflected the headlines more. It came across as half baked idea. A potetially great storyline just treated too cautiously. This also should have been a two parter.