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Two shows you must watch well there are more but tonight two will suffice

First show is Lucifer. Do you miss Castle? Lucifer is the show for you. Lucifer’s mom amd Castle’s mom I suspect would be bffs. It has mystery and comedy. Plus a really interesting mythology and more realistic look at Lucifer.

The second show now you are going to say “hold your horses here, the night of the pilot didn’t you write it was bad?”. I did.


I have been watching and now love it. The show is American Housewife. Yes sometimes it goes for the obvious laughs especially with the two older children.

Katy Mixon does at time go for the obvious joke. Yet there is something charming about the show. These are neighbors you want to have. Also Ali Wong is fantastic as Doris the friend of the American Housewife. Her interactions with the son is hysterical. Also her deadpan sense of humor is really good.It reminds me a lot of Suburgatory but Suburgatory the townsfolk were much better written characters. Except for Doris  all the townsfolk are punchlines.

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