I could make two posts out of this but the first one is short.

I was watching youtube on my firestick which shows up on the tv. I had watched a video about ebay and haunted dolls. Now as you all know the collectable doll market has crashed and has not recovered. Some Madam Alexanders that were over 100 dollars in the 80s are now about 20. Most consignment shops won’t take dolls except if they are truly antique.

But you all knew this.

Anyways I told my mother not to buy dolls any more. She had recently bought one which was probably from the 60s in 1800s style clothing. She bought it from some thrift shop. I think Salvation Army.

I told her dolls could be haunted and I looked at ebay also and there were pages of haunted dolls for sale.

Do you know what she did to her own flesh and blood? Her only child? Yes she rolled her eyes.



Second story and more serious.

My mother has a friend MF (mothers friend) who now lives out of state but calls just about every day and emails. Well she lost a β€œfriend” but not to death if that’s what you think.


A month ago I first heard the start of this story. She wanted pastry from this bakery but had chores in the opposite direction. So a new friend of hers HF (her friend) offered to pick them up.

At the end of the day HF came with the pastry. MF who is a generous person gave HF the money which was the right thing to do. MF then said she would give some to her neighbor. Which is just like her. When she lived near us we or other friends of hers got food and other items she had extra of or no longer needed. She is a good hearted generous woman. Well HF took the money turned around and left. Since then she has given MF a cold shoulder.


A month later MF realizes HF really was not a friend.

Sorry HF is not a friend. She was not entitled to what MF was giving to a neighbor. Sadly if HF stuck around being a friend very soon MF would offer her food or items as a gift. Instead HF was greedy.


It also makes me mad since MF has a heart of gold, granted naive in some ways an innocent. It maddens me that a person would cause her pain.

So two stories. Should I have made two posts? This is not like me doing a two for one.