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Welcome To The Bitchery
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Two Things

Thing 1:

I am a teacher. I teach. I teach young people who do not always like me very much, and sometimes cruise for things to mock. It's just part of the job; I understand and accept it.


I'm also on Facebook. I graduated from a really, really small high school in an even smaller town, where everybody knows everybody, and has to be Facebook friends with them whether or not you were actually friends back then. (Seriously. I've removed people and had them complain about it to my mother at the grocery store. You do not want to get the angry phonecall from my mother about un-friending so-and-so's adult child.)

So I deal with their backwards politics. I look at their ugly babies. (That is not a jab at babies. Some of these people have the ugliest freaking babies.) I ignore when they blame Hussein Obama for the abortions that are ruining this country. I ignore when they invite me to play Candycrush for the umpty-billionth time. I ignore when they say things like, "Oh, still playing the flute, huh?"


Yes. Yes, I am. I went to college for it. Three times. insert frozen Southern fake-smile

But then they do stupid shit, like post pictures from our senior homecoming with things like, "Remember when?" and tag me in it.


I can't allow the tag because I was a really awkward teenager. I can't delete the tag, because my mother lives down the street from the person who posted it.

NO ONE NEEDS TO SEE THE AWKWARD HAIR. Even my husband laughs hysterically when he sees adolescent FluterDale. WHAT WILL THE STUDENTS DO? (What will my colleagues do? Anxiety.)


Why do they do these things to me? These people I don't even care for? Read: Didn't even care for a decade ago?

Thing 2:

I have recently come into possession of an email chain from one of my supervisors to the department head. It goes a little something like this: (indents are dept. head, outdents are supervisor) The gif applies to Things 1 and 2.

FluterDale has developed a course [redacted] that will soon go online. I think that this course would be an ideal possibility to add another few sections to freshman year offerings. We could "pilot" it in the spring of 2015 or even sooner if you want to add more sections. If we can find space we can have Fluter teach two distance and continuing education courses in the fall of 2014. Let me know what you think of this idea.One other bug in your ear… Fluter is very sharp and a very good teacher. If funding was available she could certainly have an administrative role in the [otherprogram redacted] puzzle equation.

She is a good teacher, and I would love to see her have an expanded role. We're still working on a meeting time to discuss this, but I expect something to emerge soon.


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