First: I cannot see any comments. I can see when someone replied to me, but not when I click on an article. Thus far, I have only been on GT and Jez. I can see the comments on Jez. I offer up a steak with truffles and shallot reduction to the Priests and Priestesses of the Gods of Kinja as payment for their interception.

Second: How do humans here like their steak? I like mine seared on both sides, then sliced as thinly as possible, dredged in nam prik (soy sauce and thai chili peppers that have been hanging out in a jar that continually gets refilled with both chiles and soy sauce) and eaten with hot rice. So...not unlike sashimi. How about everyone else, for the carnivores among us? Big meaty mouthfuls of rare beefs? Well done? The Perfect Medium Rare?