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1st, A worthy read from the guy who almost ruined Jeopardy for old people everywhere.


2nd, a personal story of enlightenment that's kind of sort of related.

Mr. Chu's lil diatribe got me thinking about my own past and made me realize something that I learned the hard way a while ago. I never really dated in high school. I was a kind of chubby dude and I suffered from crippling self-doubt. I was much more comfortable in my dark corner of the world (read: bedroom with blackout shades and tinted windows) than I was putting myself out there.

I wanted love and companionship and I was certainly interested in women, but I didn't know how or where to find them. I was the stereotypical socially awkward nerd. Everyone else I knew seemed to pair off, but I was stuck in my little corner.


I was that way for a few years… discontent with sorrowful longing yet completely unwilling/able to do anything about it. I fell for a girl who I thought liked me back. She did not… at least not in that way. We hung out a lot but it never went anywhere. To use a bogus term, I was "friend zoned."

At the time I was consumed with the thought of "But if she'd only give me the chance" without ever really considering what she wanted. Her wants were secondary... I thought I could make her happier than anyone else, so why would she want to be with someone else? That was my thought process… I was a creeper.


I eventually grew tired of playing at chasing and I rustled up enough chutzpah to pour out my feelings to her. She took my adorable fluffy bunny of a heart and made mincemeat of it.


In retrospect it was a total waste of time and she was completely sound in her decision.

Fast forward a few years…. I grew up a bit, had a long and utterly dysfunctional relationship (like a rebound, but I don't think it counts), and then a string of fun dates with a bunch of lovely ladies. Unrequited love girl popped back up again and we were… not together, but not not together. There was something there. I had grown up enough to realize it and "put myself out there," but not enough to realize something important (we'll get to that in a moment). She turned me down again, but it was for the best. I dated some more and then a few years later I met my wife. She's awesome. I'm extremely lucky to have found her, and I'm extremely happy with our life together. There aren't enough "extremely's" in that compound sentence so I'm going to use it a few more times for effect…. She's extremely awesome, and I'm extremely fortunate to have grown up enough to understand what an extremely real relationship is and how extremely amazing it is to be with someone instead of just "having" them. Extremely.


The important thing I didn't realize before and kind of the point of this whole spiel is that it's not just my story. I mean, sure, I'm my own first person narrator, but I didn't quite get the fact that everyone else wasn't just a part of my story. Everyone has their own story. I logically knew this, but I didn't quite understand it emotionally if that makes sense.

Unrequited love girl popped back up when she did, not because things were meant to be (as I had hope at that point in time), but because she was going through her own tumultuous stuff and needed some stability. I apparently filled that need. She had her own path to take. That's cool. I hope she's happy now.


I know I am.

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