Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

Two Things and a OT

Thing 1: Why did nobody tell me about spin pins before?!?! My hair is mid-back length and I was tempted to cut it at my appointment next week because I was getting tired of wearing buns that wouldn’t stay up and a bathroom counter full of bent bobby pins. Now, with spin pins, my buns stay in even while asleep. My hair might live to grow another season. The only problem is it is hard to find more advanced hairstyles for them beyond “make 2 buns!” and “wrap a small braid around the base of the bun!”

Thing 2: I’ve always had problems with my rotator cuffs, some sort of tendon issue, especially if I overwork my shoulders. But, lately, they’ve been twinging a lot, but at weird times. Like, I can do a battle ropes class, which can be an intense shoulder workout, and be fine (note, the pain started before the class, and I don’t push myself if they start to hurt too much). But, then I’ll be standing still talking to a co-worker and start getting pain. I feel silly going to a doctor with “my shoulder sometimes hurts for a few seconds a couple time a day for no reason”, but I also don’t want to suddenly wake up with a shoulder that can’t move because I didn’t get it checked out. Anybody with shoulder issues have advice?


Any exciting finds lately? Need any helpful advice?

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