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Welcome To The Bitchery

You guys will love it.

1) This blog post has been shared a few times on my Facebook and goddamn it feels good. The middle is my favourite:

I am so fucking tired of educated, privileged men (yes, of course, god help me #notallmen) trying to shoulder women out of the way, even in this discussion. When Rehtaeh Parsons killed herself — after she was "disappointed to death" by a legal system that offered her no justice — I saw men who really ought to know better, because they have had every opportunity to pay attention, I saw them express their outrage online and on the radio and in the newspaper. Why isn't the government doing more to help victims of sexual assault? Why aren't the police helping? Why isn't anyone doing anything about this? This is AN OUTRAGE. AREN'T YOU OUTRAGED.

And I thought, yeah, buddy, of course I'm fucking outraged. I have been since 1976. You're a little late to the party. Why isn't the government doing more? When did you tell the government this was a priority for you? Just this morning? That's why. As far as the government knows, your main priority has been paying lower taxes. Support for victims of sexual violence, an actual JUSTICE system, these are not things you have asked for with your vote and with your voice. Get out in the streets if you want change. How else will they know it's a priority?

And in this latest bout of terrible, terrible news, I am seeing so many men blaming women for not coming forward earlier, for not putting their names to allegations, for not making formal complaints to the police. Blaming women who have warned each other away from predators for not coming forward, for not DOING SOMETHING to stop this. Just because you haven't noticed us trying to change it doesn't mean we haven't been doing it. Stop and think about that for a minute. Think about what you have had the good goddamn fortune to have been blissfully unaware of. Stop. Think. Are you sure you want to go on castigating women for not stopping the evil that (some) men do?

And here's something else: I am seeing men complain that they're not being allowed to speak! That women are shutting them down! It's such an injustice! I have a right to talk about this! I have opinions to offer! You're not giving me any space to do that! That's reverse sexism!

To you, I say a hearty fuck you. Honestly. My better nature tells me to explain to you why your complaints are unfair, but my better nature is so goddamn tired, see above. I'll add this: Now you know, a little, what it's like to be a woman in the public sphere. Consider that.


Emphasis mine.

2) My sister had her baby today! I've been aunted! My little man did a number to his ma on the way out but they're both happy and healthy. I get to meet him tomorrow. My mom says he looks like me :)

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